Ellen Piccolo is a representational oil painter with a focus on nautical abstractions. Many images capture commercial fleets in France and Spain. Some are cropped larger compositions that explore rigging, hulls, and equipment. Others appear to be abstracted riots of shape and color, but upon closer examination are actually enlarged micro-compositions. The location of the details and their exact purpose are a mystery.

Born in Brooklyn with initial training at the Brooklyn Museum Art School in her teens, she has evolved and honed her skills over many years while continuing to live and work in New York City. She received a Bachelor of Science, CUNY in 1977; and then a Master of Fine Arts, Brooklyn College in 1981 under Samuel Gelber, Lennart Andersen and Ron Melhman. After a career as an art educator with the NYC Department of Education she moved on in 2009 and is currently an Adjunct Professor at Queens College teaching graduate and undergraduate level courses comprising the Student Teaching Seminar in Art Education, and Methods of Teaching Elementary and Secondary School Art.

The Prince Street Gallery represents her work. Since 1982, she has held 10 solo exhibitions in SoHo and Chelsea at the Prince Street Gallery, the First Street Gallery and the NYC Arsenal. Group exhibitions comprise the Prince Street Gallery, First Street Gallery, Albright Know Museum, Woodstock Artists Association, and Chappaqua.